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My Gear


Like all professional photographers, I have a lot of gear. I generally have three systems that I use now. One for work, one for fun and one for everyday life.

nikon-gear Reviews
This is my work gear, my Nikon’s that I use. They are big, heavy and reliable. I never go to a job without them.
nikon-gear Reviews
The Fuji X system has become my daily driver in China. I never leave home without the camera. It is light, small has excellent glass and  delivers exceptional images.
nikon-gear Reviews
I love shooting film, and it is one of my biggest hobbies outside of work.

Audio Equipment Reviews

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Book Reviews

Books are the training equipment of photographers’ eyes. You cannot train without the right equipment. These are some of the books that I use to train my eyes and my brain.


The Resurrectionist Review

Street Photography Now Review

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