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An early morning knock on the door left with me with a surprise package. It is not uncommon for me to get gifts in the mail from the different bands that I shoot, usually it is free Cds or T-shirts, but this box felt a little heavier and there was no return address on the box.


DSCF6989-Edit-1024x666-1024x666 YASHICA ELECTRO 35 CCN


YASHICA ELECTRO 35 CCN After cutting open the box, I was surprised with what I found. Someone sent me an old YASHICA ELECTRO 35 CCN film camera and 7 or 8 rolls of film. I have no idea who sent the package to me, but I will enjoy the gift. I will have some  fun shooting film again. I have not shot film in ages and have never shot a rangefinder camera before so I am looking forward to seeing what the YASHICA ELECTRO 35 CCN can do.

I will post some pictures once I have shot a role of film.



I have now shot and reviewed the camera, you can read it over here

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