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XiJinDu Weekly Music Festival Week 3

Another week, another show at XiJinDu. Again two bands playing this saturday. This time TheProzaX百忧解乐队 and 瘢痕体质乐队. Both bands are new to me, so it was an exciting show for me. First up was TheProzaX百忧解乐队







TheProzaX百忧解乐队is a  metal band with another female lead singer, but a little different than many of them that I have shot. They played a short set maybe only 5 songs but they sounded good. A big surprise for me, was that they were selling merch after their set. I seldom see Chinese bands selling merch, so this was a big surprise and I wish more bands would work on this. Chinese bands lose so much money because they dont try to push their merch. They just try to sell some stuff online, but that is really half hearted and lazy.

Second band was 瘢痕体质乐队.









I really enjoyed 瘢痕体质乐队 set. The crowd had grown to full capacity by the start of their set and they rocked the crowd out. It is always good to watch a band really rock a crowd, and watching the crowd respond to them. The end of their set brought the show to an end, and it was a good show. I always enjoy shooting new bands, so this was a good start of the weekend for me. I am now looking forward to next weeks show now.


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