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XiJinDu Weekly Music Festival Week 23



The cooler weather finally came to Zhenjiang as the music season comes to an end. This week show saw two bands perform. First up was 鞠起与氪乐队, a folk rock band.






I have never been a huge fan of folk rock bands in China, they are extremely common and mostly they are boring. 鞠起与氪乐队 was no exception. They sounded ok but ok as in a KTV singer sounding ok. I was no impressed by them at all and was completely bored shooting them. Perhaps this sounds a little harsh and maybe it is but it is how I truly felt. I was relieved when their set was over as  the next band looked much better to me.



The next band up was 梧桐乐队, a classic rock band who more than made up for the disappointment of the first band. The took the stage with confidence and and rocked the half sleeping crowd awake with their first note. Their first song rocked hard and the life returned to the slumbering rock fans who were lulled to sleep by the previous folk band.








梧桐乐队 closed the show off with style, they saved the show with their performance. This was the first time I had shot 梧桐乐队 but I am sure I will shoot them again in the future. They are a young band with not much experience playing together so, they should only get better with more shows under their belt. The evening are really starting to cold here in China now, I have only two or three more shows left to shoot before the season ends. I am hoping the last few shows will be good.



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