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XiJinDu Weekly Music Festival Week 22



After all the music  festivals in China during Golden week, this week was back to the more quiet type of shows as people were going back to work and school again. This week at my regular show at XiJinDu Zhenjiang China, it was the normal two band show line up. First up was the mostly all girl band called Sweet甜乐队.







Sweet甜乐队 was playing most soft rock and pop and like most bands in China with a female lead, they were incredible popular with the boys in the crowd. I thought they were ok, but I have always preferred heavier and harder music. After a 40 minute set, Sweet甜乐队 came to an end with lots of screaming for an encore. Next up was  天津Faith乐队.







天津Faith乐队 played a good set with lots of soft rock or classic rock songs. The bands has improved greatly since I shot them last year, maturing nicely and performing a good show. Lots of happy fans at the end of the show, which is always a good sign. Personally I would recommend that you go and watch a 天津Faith乐队 if you are in China sometime. They are a band to watch out for in the future in my opinion. They still have some rough edges to iron out with their stage performance but their music is good.



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