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XiJinDu Weekly Music Festival Week 18



As expected, this weekend shows were very quiet, mostly because universities were going to start soon so most people were traveling, and many shows had just been cancelled in China for the military parade, so I am sure many people thought that the weekends shows would be cancelled as well.

First band to play this weekend was the soft rock punk band 领导先走乐队.





领导先走乐队 played well, but they seemed to be a newly formed band. Newly formed bands are so easy to spot in China, because they are so excited to be on stage that they want to thank the whole world for coming to watch them and they simply just talk too much between songs. Experienced bands don’t talk so much on stage, they understand that people come to watch them perform, not talk.

Next up was 帕恩乐队PAN, a hard rock metal band. I had never heard of them before but they really played well. Considering that there was a small crowd, they held nothing back and gave it there all out on the stage.








This was a busy show for me, as I was not only shooting the show, but also training a new videographer assistant. He was shooting all the video at the show, so not only was I shooting the stills, I was runnning between the stage and the sound board checking up on my assistant. The videos are not perfect, but it takes time to train someone. I am hoping that with some more practise, I can get the quality of the videos to increase. Tomorrow I am off to shoot an Italian rock band called Octopuss band. It should be a good show.


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