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XiJinDu Weekly Music Festival Week 16



This weekends show came as a big surprise to me. Before the show, I was not sure what to expect but both bands turned out to be really good. First band up this weekend was 香蕉鱼乐队_BanaFi.

I was expecting them to be soft rock but I was completely wrong. They were most definitely contemporary rock and they rocked hard.






I really enjoyed 香蕉鱼乐队_BanaFi, the crowd was a little strange though, this time there were so many older people in the crowd. I was not sure why until 大麦哲伦乐队. 大麦哲伦乐队 is more soft rock or pop rock but the people loved them. I understood the large crowd when I saw them reacting to the band. They had clearly come to watch 大麦哲伦乐队.






A solid show all around. Next week is a busy time for anyone involved in Chinese music, there are multiple music festivals around the country, so I am expecting smaller crowds in general as most cities have some sort of festival going on. I will be shooting at two or three shows during the week. Should be fun.


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