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Top 5 drummer photos for 2015 in China


Now that winter has come to China, the outdoor music scene has come to an end for 2015. It is during this down time that I have each year, were  I reflect on my work and see what went right and wrong. During this process, I usually select what I consider to be my best work and critique it myself. Part of this process for me is selecting my top 5 photos for different shots I need to shoot for work. So for today these are my top 5 drummer shots in China for 2015.



Very few drummers that come to China will through their sticks, and almost no Chinese drummers would do it, so I was very happy to capture this image a few times at their shows this year. This image came from the first show that I shot  this year so it had a small element of luck to it, I was there at the right time and place but at the other shows I new it was coming so it was easier to capture.



Him smoking is what made this shot for me. Not a lot of drummers will smoke on stage during a performance.



This shot is all about the look. He looked cool so I liked the shot.



Same as the shot above, he looked cool so I liked the shot. The was more difficult shot to take because the security at the show was a pain in the ass and made it difficult to get onto the stage to get the shot.



I like this shot because I could not get onto the stage that day, so I went backstage and find a small gap in the stage rigging and shot up towards the drummer. Some times in music photographer, when someone says no to you, “no doesn’t mean no, no means find another way”

Shooting drummers in China is really hard as they are mostly hidden away at the back of the stage with terrible lighting. All these images were shot with iso8000 or higher and I had to find a way to get on to the stage to shoot them.I wish drummer would get more respect and better lighting in music photography but so many photographers just skip the drummer because they are hard to shoot. Personally I love shooting the drummers and I do what I have to, to get the shot.

Next up I will post my best guitarist shots, sometime next week I guess.


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