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Shooting film February 2016


Shooting at an overpass at TST in Hong Kong.



I still love shooting film and I try to shoot a little each month but getting film developed  in China is really difficult. I am almost at the point of buy all the equipment and start to develop the film myself.


Not really sure I like the Ferris wheel in Hong Kong, I think it ruins the Kong Kong skyline.


Big Buddha in Hong Kong


Black and white is still my first choice when shooting film. Its unique look still cannot be replicated by any digital camera out there right now. The strange thing about film is when I show my shots to some photographers who have never shot film before, the first thing they always comment on is on the noise. “Wow, it is so noisy!” I have heard this so many times now.


Bruce Lee, the most popular statue in Hong Kong, the most popular statue near the bay. So many Chinese tourists come to take a photo here.


The Star ferry, my favorite way to travel in Hong Kong.


Hong Kong is such a pretty and colorful city and it is easy to be over whelmed by all the color that assaults your eyes. Shooting black and white just gives the city that classical look that I love to see. For me it is a personal thing, this is how I see the city in my mind.


The iconic bridge in Hangzhou


The Nanjing skyline as seen from the train station



The Nanjing city wall


Mobile phones are the new vanity mirrors for most girls in China.


I only shot one roll of Xpan 100 through my Nikon FM, I was not sure if the camera was in good working condition as I had not used it in a long long time. I was surprised though, the camera was still in perfect condition, I had no problems with the metering, and the only problem that I had was manual focusing again. I had a lot of shots that I missed focus on. Manual focusing takes practice to get it right. I plan to try and shoot at least one roll of film a week on the camera each week for fun.  It is fun to shoot with a film camera again, you have to shoot slower, take your time with composition and make sure your exposure is correct. This is no chimping, the only thing I can do is  shoot and hope you got it right.

I also picked up another film camera recently to help easy some of my boredom with digital cameras. I bought a Yashica Mat 128G and I ran a roll of film through the camera as well.


First shot I had even taken with a TLR camera. I had never used a camera like this before, so trying to make a composition with this camera was really weird but so exciting. The image in the viewfinder is mirrored so it is strange at the beginning. If you want to shift the composition to the left, then you got to move the camera to the right.


Back shooting at Jinshan lake, this is were I come to test all my cameras and lens. The biggest problem that I had was the film was ISO 400 and it was a very bright sunny day, so I had to shoot with the lens completely stopped down and at the fastest possible shutter speed to try and get a correct exposure. I wish I had chosen a slow film to test with.


Getting composition right with a square format is difficult. I am really not sure what would be a good photo with this format right now. But exploring with different things is the fun part.


Last shot on the roll, focusing with the Yashica is easier than any film slr that I have used but it is slow. This is not a camera to shoot quickly with. You have to take your time with this camera.


I put through one roll of film to test the Yashica at my favorite testing ground in China to put the camera through it paces and it seems like it worked. Shooting with this camera was a pleasure but it is just such an attention grabber. I consistently got stopped by people asking me about the camera. This could be a good thing but it was annoying when i was trying to shoot some test shots quickly. But I think this camera would be a great ice breaking camera when you are shooting on the street. Just like the Nikon, I will be trying to shoot at least one roll of film with it each week as well.




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