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Scorpions live at Changjiang International Music Festival 2015

I will be honest, when I heard that the Scorpions were coming to play at Changjiang International Music Festival, I was not to thrilled. I have shot a lot of old bands coming to China to make some quick cash before retiring and their performances were always shit. Out of all the bands playing at Changjiang Music Festival, this was the one shoot I was not looking forward to, but OMG I was so wrong.



I was allowed to shoot the whole set for the Scorpions and there show was simply amazing. I have been shooting shows in China for over 8 years now and their set was the single best performance I have ever seen in China.





The crowd of 50,000 was deafening at times, but you could see the smiles and joy on the Scorpions faces as they performed.




Seeing all the smiles on stage all the time, you could clearly see how much the Scorpions were enjoying their time on stage. When the artists are having fun on stage, then you know you are seeing a great show.











After a 2 and a half hour show, the crowd was crazy and screaming for more and they were not disappointed. The Scorpions rocked the hell out of the 50,000 strong crowd and no one was disappointed.



The tickets for the festival were a little expensive compared to our music festivals in China, but not one single person at the festival was disappointed after watching the Scorpions play. It was simply one of the best live performances by a foreign band in China and I am sure the memory of the Scorpions will be strong with their legions of fans in China for many years to come.

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