ONA Camera Bag Arrived


DSCF6030-1024x997-1024x997 ONA Camera Bag


I have been using the Billingham Hadley Pro camera bag for the last year, but after one year of a use, the bag had not aged very well and was looking terrible so I wanted to buy a better bag that could withstand my day to day usage. After a few days research, I kept coming back to the ONA bag, but they were so expensive for a camera bag. I kept looking around on the internet for a while but I could find no better alternative.

I ordered the bag on Amazon and it arrived the next day. It was with great trepidation that I unboxed the bag, treating it like it was made out of glass, but the quality of the bag was amazing. The smell and feel of the leather was intoxicating and I quickly unpacked my Billingham Hadley Pro and repacked the ONA Brixton.

The bag is a little bigger than the Billingham Hadley Pro, so all my gear fitted into the new bag without any problems. I will be using the bag over the next few months and then I will write a detailed review of the bag, comparing it to the Billingham Hadley Pro.

Until then, I am going to enjoy using the bag.




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