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Fujifilm XT1 in the snow


Being a good old African boy, snow is still a novelty for me as I had never seen snow in my childhood. Now living in China, each time it snows, I rush outside like a little boy, hoping to capture some of my childhood memories I wish I had. When it started to snow two evening ago, I decided to go for a long walk with a camera in hand. I have learnt the hard way, that not all cameras work well in the snow, so usually I take one of my D3S with me, but carrying such a large body with me when I am not working is a pain.



When I left home with the XT1, I was a little worried as  I had tried shooting in the snow before with a cheap Nikon D5100 and after one  hour in the snow, the camera to went dead on me. So I was hoping that this was not history repeating itself.



I walked around for almost one hour trying to find some people to shoot that evening but most people were much smarter than me, and they all stayed at home, leaving me the only person walking around on the street.  The Fuji handled the cold weather beautifully, no problems with the cold or the auto-focus. I am really starting to enjoy using this camera now. I also tried out my new ONA camera bag in the snow and that did not do as well as my XT1 did. When I got home, I had some snow in the camera bag.

I wish I had found more people to shoot that night, but I did have fun walking around in the snow. It basically only snows once a year in my home city in China, so I will have to wait until next year before I can try this again.





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