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Black and White film photography at Changjiang International Music Festival

I love shooting film and I am trying to incorporating it into my work but it is not always easy because a lot of my work is really low light. But if the light is good, then I will take at least one song for each band and shoot some film this year. So the first festival that I tried this at was Changjiang International music festival this year.



The gear that I used was my Nikon F100 and my Nikon and Tamron G-lens. I used the Nikon F100 so I could switch lens with my Digital cameras and the F100 worked perfectly.




It was scorching hot during the festival which was lucky for me as I was shooting with slow film. I shot the whole festival on Ilford XPAN100.



When shooting digital, it is so easy to just fire off shots and then chimp to see if you nailed the shot but shooting film took a lot of patients. I kept trying to chimp during the two days at the festival so I could check my exposures, just like I do with my digital work but I had to try and just trust the meter in my camera.











The Nikon F100 really does look like DSLR so no one even know I was shooting film at the festival.

















I absolutely loved shooting with film, it feels different shooting film, it looks different and most importantly, it makes you think different. I really wish I could find a publication that was brave enough to pay me to shoot a whole festival with film so I did not have to keep switching back to Digital during the show. But as it stands right now, film is for fun and digital is for work.


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