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白蛇传 performance in Zhenjiang China



There is an ancient story of a White Snake marrying a Chinese man in China and I have been hearing this story for my last  8 years in China, as part of the story occurs in my hometown Zhenjaing and the local Chinese people always retell me the story. It is an interesting story or legend, and after I saw an advertisement for the show, I new I had to go and watch it. I was not sure if I could take my big work dslr with me to the show so I took my smaller Fuji XT1 with me and I hoped that I could sneak the camera into the venue.



The show was not allowing any dslr into the venue but no one looked at my small fuji camera when I walked in so I was able to shoot some photos and video of the show.



The dance performance was average to be honest, I have shot many shows with much better choreography but the 3D laser effects combined with smoke and the water fountains were amazing. There were times that the effects left me completely astonished and I was often amazed that they could actually do that. I have never seen 3D laser effects like these before and I would strongly recommend that if you visit Zhenjiang, that you make time to go watch the show in the evening. Even if you cannot understand Chinese, the choreography and the special effects will be more than enough for you to understand the story and you will be blown away my the special effects.





The basic story of 白蛇传(Legend of the White snake) show is that a farmer saved a snake once from being killed and the snake wanted to thank the man and once the man was reincarnated, the snake turned into a women and married the man to thank him for saving her. A priest from Jinshan temple located in Zhenjiang decided that man and snake should not be together so he goes and captures the snake and imprisons the snake in a tower in Hangzhou. The son of the snake and the farmer goes to Hangzhou and frees his mother.



I still have no idea how they implemented the effects but they absolutely towered over the performers. Incredible to watch.





There were times where I would even forget to watch the dancers as my attention was solely fixated on the 3D effects.








Such a good show.  I will most likely go watch the show again sometime simple to enjoy the effects.

That’s all for today. Thanks





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